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Inktober #31 - Credits Roll

Ey you know what?
I think this one would be just PERFECT for the final day of Inktober!
It's almost like... this was made for me!
Credit title? Crazy beat? larrynachos!


Aye aye, I live a lie, live a lie lie!
For like a month I really do try to go sky high!
Record these verses from the mind of a fly-like pebble!
Us humans we ain't shit we should know better!

But I'm a rebel! And I'm a better myself with rappin'!
Don't know how I let this happen I've been collabin' with like six lads in NG land (this week!)
This year's been a blast man, so packed and filled with action!
Some days had ones on queue whomever knew I'd have to ration!

You can stack these tracks from front to back now get that plaque!
And there's been a looot of takes on the back-end! Audacity to the maxim!
My voice like I'm breaking what happened?
Try to emulate the YT comment style of traits
That want to be comic though they ain't! Get a ransom!

All of those mad men, more like kiddies with their little scribble pads...
But here on NG we still live like Tinder is still a fad
Some people get married though! I'm packing my bags gotta get out and live see y'all friends!
But I bet I'm a leave the bag packed in a bit and get back and get bitter again because...

Aye aye, I live a lie, live a lie lie!
For like a month I really do try to go sky high!
Record this shit with all the might of my mediocre mind!
It opens blinds! I see the sun now seems to float sometimes?

Do jest a bit though, not all pitiful but not happy with all.
Time to clean up my shit drawer though! Time to commit to my hits more.
So as it all comes to closure, I'm not stopping I will make the most of,
The sea that I coast by, PM me if you want to collab on anything kosher.

And even if NOT! Anything and I mean ANYTHING goes!
Cyberdevil's not adverse to tackle heck all and I don't lack flows!
Write so much prose my fingers bleed sometimes. Been cutting onions.
Teary-eyed so I don't see the cuts when I've been glumming.

Strummin' with my heartstrings a bit, fiddling with a caution.
That all might come to sink a bit, winter's up soon it's now autumn.
And y'all know me I cringe a bit when the cold comes a calling.
Go to work in the the dark get back in the dark, no start no day no morning.

But I'll be forming routines for real now! Just starting the grind!
Inktober is done and gone but come on on and listen in sometime!
And some of these ones I'm proud of! It really has been an honor!
TY and so long now! Keep going strong! Cyberdevil and/or Tha Dogg Pound (if you don't recognize that reference you better listen back a bit)!

See y'all 2021!!!

I'm out! I'm done! I gotta run I gotta run I gotta run...

Thank y'all for listening...

Thank y'all for playin' with me...

Quarl, ADR3-N, Oh-Sama, JamesHeart, theKorndog ParagonX9 Father-Of-Death S3C larrynachos RAMUSH... killreal ninjamuffin99 VortexSupernova! Thank you all!

Y'all ready know me.



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