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Inktober #31 - Devil's Night

AKA The Devil...

Cyberdevil... Aalasteir... take a seat! Grab a chair! Take a peek! Into my lair!

It's the devil yeah I come in running!
Looking stunning! Shining like the sun's abundance!
I look thirty-five but I'm really like five hundred! Thousand!
Since the eve of Eve, I've been shunning all peace...

I'm not shutting things down, these streets never sleep,
Beasts on the prowl, not just on Halloween's Eve,
I'm a seasoned vet, yeah I've seen some scenes,
You can't scare me with a bunch of mummies, you bunch of dummies...

I'm from another world where the love once plummeted!
Down to the bottom and nobody picked it up!
Now I ride with my grim reapers in a beat-up truck,
And howl at my legions of demons to rip it up!

Clad in a suit, impeccable shoes and tie!
If you look and see shoeshine, don't peel your eyes!
If you're in an office building in an elevator up!
And see a slender man in tailored due and cuffs!

You know you've come to the pit of control,
You're selling your soul, rebellion no more,
You'll be spelling out woe on your forehead,
This blasphemous moon in orbit, yeah...

Someday we'll rain blood down on your kin...
Going about their days like they're important...


Dormant beings on the edge of their seat!
Look at the government and media telling them what to eat!
Deciet has never been so easy! Just feed 'em the meat!
Burgers and fries! Till they stop being concerned with their life!

It's never been a secret that what people say!
Doesn't neccesarily have to be okay!
Everybody seems to believe since we're up so high!
We're better! We can't cheat, steal or lie! Haha...

The wars keep on brewing! Chemicals and pollution!
Media's the dealer! Everyone's always using!
But nobody steps up and saves the world!
They donate! Then they stay in church!

And go on with their lives and their lies,
They get bubbly inside, fall in love get a child,
Buy a house, get a car, take a plane, tame the skies,
And my time... has only started...

We're closing in on heaven - we're scraping the skies!
Getting ready to leave the world when it's vacant of life!
You can't ever get this high with a forklift!
But maybe you'll try? To save your kids...


Moonlight's playing on my frame!
Advocate's every day play my game!
I'm not in this for the money I'm not in this for the fame!
I just love to play, I love the pain...

This one night you try to take my swagger
I've a thousand lifetimes of snakes and ladders
Hiding behind curtains, holding people's daggers,
Thriving on your hurting, certain there's no candor,

I'm the host of the party I'm the man of the manor!
I'm the conquistador! The Spaniard with the lanyard and the bible!
Cause my call is to deceive and pry! So pray all you want to your meager sky!
I'm a charmer! A harmer! I'm anti-light!

And I'm the man that'll meet you in the afterlife!

This is... my night... yeaaah...

Take a seat! Grab a chair! Take a peek! Into my lair!

I'm always watching. I'm always... here...


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