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Inktober #31 - Devil's Night (3:12)

A lot of people like playing Devil's advocate. Hell I'll... take that to another level. I'll play The Devil.

As not a blasphemer, but a consummate rebel. Critiquing the world, and the way we embezzle. The hypocrisy in all of us, who seek to be better. Yet can't seem to pedal. We just shit on the world. And lean on forever.

Whether believers or no, we're all leaving together. Whoever leads on these roads, they seem to lead to the nether. On the eve of all hope, we could've gone our own road. Why not step out of your comfort zone - and out of your mental. And try a new way, for a fate differential. For a day in the making, and great revelations...

Happy Hallows! Gallows! Eve! And @Aalasteir for the super suitably smooth and atmospheric instrumental beat and feels!

The world's a roller. Foam or coaster. Till it's over, I'll be strolling around this cove... at least all October. This one's for closure. See ya... when I see ya! Cyber D out. Ciao.

And thanks to y'all who tuned in throughin!

2024: let's keep this moving.

Lyrics here.


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