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Inktober #7 - A Littl Beatbox Surprise


Littlbox up in the place to be! Unexpected collab with this great emcee!
He's got the wand! Got the tools! Gonna freeze the beat!
He's got the cool! All of you'll be getting weakened knees! Aw yeah!
RUN! Like way back in the DMC days! Snoop D O G on the beats that we played!
I wasn't really born back then but I can replay! These great legends - they breath like venom!
And this beatbox phenom- enon has got my pen running strong! You think you got it maaan you gotta get on!
We like Gorillaz with bongs, the wild high life I like! The high strides and stakes and skylights I'd like my nice place to have!
Forget that though, it's better to rap.
In a cozy little cot, cottage or a closet.
Empty rooms have eerie acoustics? I got it.
It's gonna take a hit to get rich! Yeah I'm on it.
And a lot of grit, gift and heavenly harmonics!
We're not there yet we're so far from it, I mean come on man, littlbox I'm honored but if I'm honest this beatbox song bit you sent me fucking... ROCKS!

Takes me back to my old rap battles!
I mean writers block, can't say I got that lately.
I can't even stop, littlbox got me crazy,
Going off the top! Gonna burn a block. Jay Z.
But for now I want to go outside and pick daises,
Prep for the war, for the morgue or for Day Z.
You never know when it'll come but lately,
I feel like life is quite amazing. Hey!
I don't know what else to say! Gotta get a lot of medals so I've games to play!
Gotta write a lot of reviews, the X won't Wayne!
I gotta post, gotta boast, gotta roast the game!
And put all folks who can't flow to shame! Or maybe leave some wisdom.
A little encouragement and optimism on your ALL but sub-par submissions! Yeah.
This is the C to D with the lit t l b o x! We're rolling, finna host some shows next!
The merch is coming there's a lot of progress!
And of course you know we're both dope and so def.


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