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Inktober #9 - An Observation From The Wild

It's another day in the rough, away!
Away in the wild where all is tough and gray!
It may be gray and tough, but also tough and great!
Even on rainy days you feel so much awake!

If I always lived for real I'd be so buff and in shape.
Wonder how much it'd take to chase my junction away,
Where I am stuck in my fake world, where sunshine's a tray
Of LED panels and there's no trunk and no lake.

To hug or dive into, and no sauna to bake in!
No grass to be cutting! No leaves to be raking!
I guess these too are pastimes. Too akin to fake things.
When life becomes EASY, for hardship we make things.

And routines to rob us. So slowly we break in.
Broke into a system where there's no wish of escaping.
Where days have no purpose, and it's great on the surface,
We're still afraid and nervous of any little disturbance.

We have food in a pile, and the hugest denial.
We've no predators - better off? We're humans in trials!
An experiment merriment. Can we be happy and pay a fee.
To feel a material bliss, trade in our age to be free.

Free as a pensioner when we're old and unable to be
It's why I feel like our world's still built around slavery!
And why I think I, when I am out in the periphery,
Feel this is how it SHOULD feel to live and breath.

This is real. This is me. This is WHY... there's a value in our history.

A little observation from the wild...


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