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Inktober #9 - Castles

Is there something you wanna say to me?
While I'm aiming to be the greatest emcee ever? Haters leave.
It's not like I've been slept on. It's more like...
I've been so deep in sleep.

But I'm waking up now! So I can eat my dreams.
Have you seen me? I'm like a neon street.
I'm like a GOD, you can call that blasphemy but...
I'm not sure I believe in Eve.

Though that's not why I call me the Cyberdevil -
It's so you'll know you're in my domain if I say go to hell y'all!
I don't want to fuel hate, so cite this thing:
If I cast you out that means I invite you in.

Here's my castle. Hear my castle crumble.
It's made of cookies. Rookies better rumble.
Down the stairs and humble themselves in a rain of dumbbells.
Mumble mumble on. Ain't a dumb one but I've written like the diet that I'd run on.

Yeah I was a fat man too.
Ice cream won't be the bearing beam in my Kathmandu.
The whole world will be my utopia.
My life will be an elevator, one only going up.

To the city up in the cloudscape.
All so brittle and bound by timestates.
Our moment here in the cosmos... a miracle.
We'd be the umbilical were it not us.

I hope we can keep it safe. Not blow it up.
Look back and say: those were the days
Of lies, of high esteem and rivalry.
Nothing... is the survival fee.

I feel we're headed somewhere no life should be.
But music changes minds, and I won't go quietly.
To the sky or to the castle.
The winner takes it all but that's by hard work not by raffle.

Sinners don't take the fall unless we cast them out and crash their party.
Go out and hunt them on a last safari.
Am I a hippy, maybe Rastafari?
Trippy life is but no, I just glow like Mata Hari.

You can see in the bashful lands,
Where we make our little castles in the cast in sand,
And have a blast until the hands of time,
Come in and blow away our castles now that's a crime.


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