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Interceptor (1992)

Interceptor (1992)

Time for yet another plane hijacking movie on a military level!

I think I've seen it before too.

Andrew Divoff and Elizabeth Morehead play the main roles, Jürgen Prochnow the villain, and the style of action is one best defined as painful and slow.

There's some prime time nineties special effects too, fake-looking blood and unnecessary unmasking, but authentic bits as well, and plenty of fly time.

One thing you have to give the director credit for is the lack of anything extra. It's not overly cinematic or flashy as most movies are. It ends abruptly. Some people die a fast death, some things just fade away by transition, and there's a scary-movie vibe sometimes the way they zoom in on expressions and pan between scenes.

It's not the most authentic by any measure, and it's a bit overkill with screams and such, but it does build an atmosphere, and the plane footage is pretty cool! Some of the 3D is actually still passable too.

The only big loose end is that relation. Did he just cheat on his wife?! I was expecting them to be divorced, so it'd all work out as it should have, but they never say. Maybe that's intentional. Maybe not.

it's interesting like that. And overall not bad. Not bad at all.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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