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Interstellar (2014)

Interstellar (2014)

In a future world, where the sand never stops blowing, where the crops are failing, the people coughing, and humanity is stuck in a rut - no longer living in an era of technological innovation and surplus, but just trying to survive, Murph finds a ghost in her room. Her dad, Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), doesn't believe her at first, but during a sandstorm one day she forgets to close the window, and a pattern waits on the floor. It's binary. The ghost is gravity. It leads them to an off-limit government facility where with utmost secrecy a space station is being built that will allow humanity to finally evacuate the planet.

But before this can be done, they must find a new home, and Cooper leaves Murph and all those he loves to travel off into space and find this place. It's a voyage unlike others, with plenty of silent time and solitude, but always captivating. They ride on the edge of a black hole and lose years of their life. They visit a planet covered in water, and I was pleasantly surprised to see Matt Damon appear out of nowhere as professor Mann (I thought Mann would be Asian... for some reason).

The actors are great, the visuals are great, the script is great, the plot goes full circle, everything makes sense, and there were points so emotional I'm getting emotional just typing up this review. Strange since I didn't partake very actively in those emotional moments the first time I watched it... but this really was: a masterful movie. It seems to have jumped straight up to spot #26 in IMDB's Top 250 too. Much deserved.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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  1. S3C
    Tuesday Dec/31/2019

    wow...really evolves from a simple, mundane farming setting to a most extravagant world...subtle themes of dystopia, evil, and mysticism that creep up on you...with twists for good measure! Fantastic ending. Christopher Nolan has done it yet again. A great last watch for me to conclude the decade.

    it's not mentioned anywhere: but this film draws influence, if unintentionally, from the 90s film Event Horizon. Recommend you check that out. Also the game on NewGrounds Starwish. Not the most entertaining gameplay but an equivocally moving plotline with a similar premise.

    with that said, *pops open a bottle of Gløgg, juggles famous Swedish Meatballs, plays techno music, eats gluten-free biscuits* here's to another fine decade of film gems, both from the past and to be made in the 2020s!

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday Dec/31/2019

    Ah man I wish I'd have left a movie of equal caliber on queue for this decade-ending occasion! Though of course you never know which are really this great before you see them. Critics unreliable.

    Intriguing! I'll definitely check those out. May not focus as much on movies this new decade as I've done before, but cheers to that! :D If you're looking for some suitably dystopian yet hopeful and copiously time-changing background sound:

    Binging spruce shoot and apple Gløgg like there was no tomorrow over 'ere. Cheerful salutations unto this new dawn that draws!

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