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Invincible (1992)

Invincible (1992)

This movie starts off a bit simple, with a guy in love, killing a guy over a girl, the girl's brother taking the fall, the guy and the girl escaping, and the guy eventually joining the Foreign Legion so he can become a French citizen and they can live together again. But life in the foreign legion is not that simple. He makes friends, but enemies as well. He saves lives, but takes lives as well, and suddenly both his girl and her brother are killed, and together with his best friend from the legion he sets out on a violent vendetta to kill the man that killed her.

In the starting scenes it feels like a gritty but not-so-special HK action movie, but as life-changing as the Foreign Legion is for Kit is how impression-changing it is for me, and when it's all over it feels like I found a hidden gem. It's not emotional on any spectacular level, but it builds up the mood, and breaks bonds dramatically, and the action is as explosive and bloody as you'd expect it to be when the man behind such movies as Black Mask 2 is involved.

If you like A Better World, or any John Woo-ish movies of the sort, this is something for you. The setting feels a bit similar to other war movies from the same era, like Deer Hunter or Bullet in the Head, with a bit of Universal Soldier. It's a bit like that, but a bit different. The movie title is a reference to the Foreign Legion, where a bunch of criminals and low-lives go through rigorous training to become invincible.

Dave Wong, Sharla Cheung, Fong Lung and not least Stefanos Miltsakakis put on a great performance. Fun fact: Billy's real name is actually Billy Blanks, and apparently he's a pretty big name in the movies! Always interesting to find flicks from the early days, when famous people were just starting out. Overall, it was an unexpectedly good movie, with some explosive action. Worth a watch especially if you like old HK movies.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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