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IP Man 2 (2010)

IP Man 2 (2010)

After the war Ip Man goes to Hong Kong, and starts a school, and gets his first disciple... and no it's not Bruce Lee! Not yet.

He meets old friends and foes alike, and goes from a struggling start-up to greener pastures, and to promote respect between East and West - all the while caring for his own first and foremost.

It's another inspiring story, and one I didn't remember being quite as inspiring as it was. I thought the first one was the best one, but Donnie Yen's really getting the hang of this Ip guy the second time around. He's a master in action all the way, and it's no bad thing we get some Sammo Hung and other masters to do battle in this one too! Some old friends come along for the ride, but the old foes seem dead and forgotten.

Where in the first movie the Japanese were the enemy, it's now the British, and just as last time they settle it in the ring.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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