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Iron Man (2008)

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As seems to be the case with most movies with a sequel, the first Iron Man is still the best Iron Man. It tells the tale of Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr. - his character inspired by Elon Musk), genius businessman and head of Stark Industries, a company that deals with war machines and the business of blood... amongst other things.

One day Stark accidentally bumps into a group of terrorists while on a test run, is hit with shrapnel from a missile he himself created, and is taken prisoner, given the task of making them his infamous Jericho missile. But with the help of Yinsen - fellow captive and interpreter, he builds not a bomb, but the 'core' of what becomes his Iron Man costume, powered by a miniature arc-reactor that keeps the shrapnel from his heart, and is, basically, his life force from that point onward.

Tony Stark is both charismatic and kick ass, and the movie's a blast from Stark to finish. Clever, witty and choreographed with the trademark style of Marvel that just... makes everything so superhero awesome. The transitions are great too. There's plenty of those. One moment Rhodey (good buddy of Stark played by Terrence Howard) is refusing to drink, the next he's telling his life's story. One moment he's telling Stark he can't just use any cover story, the next he's using that particular cover story. The script delivers very quickly that way, start to finish, instant turnover.

But there's more! There's Pepper Potts. There's romance. There's Obadiah Stane. There's betrayal. There's Jarvis (or... is there?). And whatever the motion or emotion, there's entertainment. It has it all.

The sequels feels sub-par in comparison. Maybe because this is the one movie where Tony truly shows his human side; tells his story... maybe because this is where it all begins, and thus everything feels shiny and new. Both the characters and the technology. Whatever it is, this sets a mark that sequels will have a difficult time trying to surpass.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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