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Iron Man 3 (2013)

Iron Man 3 (2013)

It starts with a quote, and then rhetoric, and then a party, and then: Jensen! Nah, he's irrelevant now. He's just a familiar face, but it's good to see him anyway. A few characters of Tony Stark's dark and forgotten past make a re-appearance here, which is great, though of course they're all there as an excuse to write some sort of origins story, when really: it's all new.

Not that new is a bad thing. It goes back to the start. Forget all that mass-produced army stuff, and forget weaponization - there's just the one Iron Man, and the Iron Patriot, and that's all there is. And instead of being cast into a the dungeon to repair his suit, he finds refuge with a little kid: this time not to build but to repair: both his suit and himself.

There's also this DNA/nanotechnology thing, and DNA junkies, and demons of the past (and hey, there's Jensen! Wait I said that already...) but anyway, it was a good movie. It had convincing villains in style with the first, and a plot that goes full circle, relational drama and action, and plenty of suits, too. It's not an army, but it's something similar.

The eccentric Tony Stark is as witty as ever, and his sidekick Colonel James Rhodes has a few moves up his sleeve too, as does the notorious Pepper Potts. Intrigue's good, script's good, the story's not as overblown as it was in the second, and we don't get too much of the facial-cam either. It's a hot movie. Fiery. Balanced and burning. And if this is a trilogy it's a worthy ending.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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