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Iron Sky Premiere

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I went to watch Iron Sky today with buddy Bear. It's the debut day for the movie here in Sweden and he had two free tickets. :) Iron Sky is a Finnish movie featuring a disoriented female Nazi, the fourth Reich, a female president and a black main character who turns white against his will. What else does it have? Action, spaceships, explosions, a real doomsday device, a nice twist at the very end (retrospective spoiler alert) and eh... that's about it.

The movie is a mess in many aspects (soundtrack for one, some events-with-huge-chaos-potential just sliding by for another), but it was also a strangely refreshing view. It's no Hollywood movie, and it shows. Not in low quality filmography or bad acting, but rather in how unexpected things can happen, how the hero isn't a stereotype, how the sceneries and effects are creative and experimental, how the... well that's about it, but that's more than enough. Since it's Finnish, I was expecting something with a lower budget, but this was all but low budget. It was a good movie. I'll give it a...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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