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It Comes At Night (2017)

It Comes At Night (2017)

You want a depressing scary movie? You got it. It's a bit like The Fog, but with a bit less action... and a bit less fog. It's like a hybrid between that and the original Night of The Living Dead. Atmospherically. It's about a family holed up in a house, staying clear of the woods and the sickness that there roams, far from the city and a fallen civilization that oozes black blood.

And about the day a man breaks into their house, and everything changes.

It turns out all he tried to do was find some food for the family, and so after a time of contemplation they decide to bring him in. Him, his wife, and his little baby boy.

They go about their lives like usual, never mind the nightmares that wake them up some times in the dead of night - the stark stench of brunt corpses lingering in their nostrils... but then one day it all changes again.

It's a good movie. It's dark. It makes the most out of very limited scenery, looks good, feels heavy, and brings me back to the low-budget days of old, and still I wonder: why do I WATCH movies like this? Whatever do they give me but a poetic vein, a shiver, and a wavering remnant of pain? It's probably a high four but I just can't give more than a...

 rated 3/5: not bad


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