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It Follows (2014)

It Follows (2014)

Here's a different horror story for a change. Without jump scares. Without shaky cam. Without speed, but a dread that builds steadily. Packed with symbolism. Authenticity. Sexuality - even incest, but not in a gross way. It's as intimate as it is scary, and it gets under your skin slowly. It really doesn't walk the way you tell it too. It follows.

Following the life of Jay, it all starts with a gray afternoon in a pool, and a date, to a sexual encounter, getting drugged by her boyfriend, and suddenly there's someone following her. Not the same person, but always someone. It moves at a steady pace, and it goes straight for her. No matter what's in her way. No matter where she goes. No matter what she does.

No one else can see it, and though her friends are there for her from the start it takes a while before they believe her. They eventually go on a road trip to find answers, but even then the notion that someone might be creeping up on you stays with you, and maybe the scene by the beach is what really enforced that notion.

It's the simple things. Its a gnawing fear and paranoia - an unexplainable, yet unwaverable force. The more they figure out the less they really know, but they keep going.

Maika Monroe plays Jay, and she's perfect. Her friends too. They're not always screaming their lungs out, but that's a part of what makes it as convincing as it is.

The atmosphere's always hazy. There's day, and night, and dawn and dusk. There's light and dark, and warm and cold. It seems to take place at no specific time, in no particular season, and the vague setting seems to only enhance the uncertainty.

I like how even in the day it's equally scary, and maybe that's the worst part. There's no definite barrier. Walls might help. Bullets might draw blood, but they don't stop it. It doesn't come out only in the dark, or hide within a certain house, or pool of water. It's not omnipresent either, but it just never stops walking.

Add to the creative and uncertain intrigue an ambiguous ending, a great cast, symbolism you'll see if you look, re-occurring items, characters and states of being whose patterns enhance the mystery, and a sinful, sexual, and relentless evil that follows... and you've got a pretty good movie. Just writing the review brings back the shivers.

There's probably much more to analyze, and it feels like one of few movies where the more you look, the more you'll appreciate it. Maybe the fear effect won't be as great a second time around, but first impressions linger on. It follows.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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