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It's Another Sunday...

...and what a weekend it's been!

Been out in the wild with good buddy Bear for a day, my sister's been over for a day, and before that I've been troubleshooting and following up on the development of that same payment provider integration that took most of the week before, and the weekend before? Last weekend?


To visit my big bro and co, and spend the final day catching up on favorite movies with my nephew, who was self-isolating with a recent bout of whatever-virus-is-going-around-these-days - who happens to also work with film, so we share that cinematic interest.

It was a good trip, albeit hectic before and after, and my brother's girl lost a big dental filling in the midst of game night. Still finished the game though. Saw Avatar 2 at the movies (go in with low expectations and it'll surely surpass them!) and spent so much time walking there too that I slept for roughly ten hours the second night. But it is vacation - that's what you're supposed to do at such times no? Rest up. Have fun. Relax a bit.

Twas a good trip.

On the blog I've updated all sidebars, the post archive, the poetry, gallery, design and music sections, added another ten quotes and random tidbits of text to the sidebar wisdoms, added a link to my new Bandlab page with the recent remix, added the music section sidebar to all music posts, added excerpt support for all category templates (if posts have an excerpt they should now show that instead of the full post on category, search and archive pages), fixed up the 'old' category layout (I'm hoping to use that more - it's meant to be a way to archive old versions of pages and texts as I update them - I forget to), added one more random footer line (heya @Biter) and fixed the randomizer script there which apparently hasn't been working properly since 2010! -_-' It's showed a fraction of included lines.

Same with the one on my personal site. Fixed copyright dates and links on all of my other/smaller sites too.

Also polished up template files a bit overall, removed unused code, updated the sitemap a bit, moved and merged some directories and updated some pages a little...

So far I feel like I'm keeping up pretty well with my visions for the year!
Of fixing up the site a bit, posting daily reviews and long-term hopefully sorting out some more deep-rooted compatibility issues. I've been fiddling around with jQuery versions so far, more on that some other week.

In life otherwise? There's a potentially pretty big freelance gig in the works I've been pretty excited about the past week. Negations are underway, so *fingers crossed*. If all goes well maybe my side hustle/secondary income resolution may be off to an unexpectedly good start too!

Here are a few more duplicate reviews, and elaboration posts on those two WP-related issues I was having last last week.

Feels good to be alive right now. Life's going pretty well. Been looking at a local gym too; getting ready to step up my work-out routines for the new year new #metoo...

Also RIP Gangsta Boo! Iconic Memphis Three 6 Mafia rapper now deceased. Just 43 y/o...

It seems the New Year is off to a pretty bad start in regard to unexpected icons passing, but let us not fret on those who've left! Let us not sully their legacy by wallowing or slowing our steps! Let us take great speed and haste if only we've crept - and go till there's nothing left! Let's go. Let go?
All set.

2023 finna pay all debt.


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  1. biterr
    Monday Jan/23/2023

    Beware, since I sticked to name biterr I knew that I'm not the only one. Imagine if he somehow came to this blog and see "heya biterr".

  2. Cyber
    Monday Jan/23/2023

    Your evil twin? Your doppelganger? Your brother from a yonder pond that wanders long?

  3. biterr
    Monday Jan/23/2023

    I'm the evil twin.

  4. Cyber
    Monday Jan/23/2023

    Oh. Your IP address is the same as biterr's so... you must be!

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