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It's Another Sunday...

...and what a weekend it's been! Been out in the wild with good buddy Andreas for a couple days, and just minutes before he arrived we were troubleshooting a new payment module at work, two days + one early morning overtime and... it's not done yet. TBC tomorrow morning. But I jumped off just in time to go greet my good friend and go walk like crazy in a new windy winter wonterland that just melted away. Lasted his stay.

Oddly enough I think I managed to properly disconnect from work for this one weekend though, despite inconclusive end, we had some fun times.

Not like old times, but new times aren't bad either!

On the blog I've tweaked up the smiley set a bit. Switched up the order and added in a couple new ones for variety - may change further further on.

There is a bundle that you don't get in that comment bar though! If you ever feel like using some of the alternative ones you may be able to guess the shortcodes by the icon names...

That's roughly 30% of 'em. Maybe you'll stumble upon some others in time. ;) Been a while since the last change here so it seems a good time.

Some have multiple alternative shortcodes for ease of use too.

I totally messed up the emoticon selection script when I was working with this and kept getting a critical error when trying to fix it though. Eventually I went back to the source and remade it from scratch, and realized that if you try to change the version number on a plugin directly via a plugin file... maybe that causes an error?

Maybe some built-in firewall causes some error then? Maybe WP has built-in plugin-tampering prevention protection these days? Not sure why it kept causing the critical error but whatever the reason it seems to have been the version number for the plugin.

Moral of the story: Don't change version numbers if you don't need to.

I've also adjusted search results to just show posts - for now - since some pages clog up results. Might find a better solution for this later on.

And since I'm going with daily reviews this year I've taken those off the main blog to keep down clutter, you'll find the link on the menu above.

Or here @S3C.

Posted some new duplicate reviews too, and here's a remix on one of my acapellas courtesy of CmD! Check him out here.

That's all y'all. See you in a bit. Ă–stersund Sunday coming up next...


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  1. biterr
    Monday Jan/9/2023

    Sunday is over :((((

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/10/2023

    Yeappp it's Another Monday...

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