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It's August

And I see you!

Summer's been great. It's been so great it's been almost superfluously so. We've had sun in abundance, and thrown ourselves into the refreshing blue waves of the lake at least 3-5 times a day when it's been at its most (which has been pretty much the entire time). Though the days (and nights) have been warm the water's remained appreciatively cool and cooperative, as if an alien life force has been continually siphoning the heat to fuel its underwater base of operations... (keep up the good work green people).

All of this has led to an incredibly rapid rate of veggies and berries ripening, and a lot of watering requirements. Without the lake all plants would probably have withered and died. After about a month of no rain we stopped washing clothes, fearing the well may well dry out. It's happened before. Thanks to a water pump in the lake (which we've been digging deeper and deeper into the dirt as the shoreline's receded - with a canal leading up to it), the crops and dots of lawn stayed green, but the fields slowly turned to gold, and it's been over a full month with no grass mowed.

All that's usually ready at the end of August is ready already, and we've been picking and harvesting at an ever-increasing pace... so it might be good time for a pause. I also have the best tan I've had in maybe ever. Been catching some sun today too amidst working hours. Can't let it fade.

Both my big brother and family and sister came up for almost two weeks each, at somewhat overlapping times. We gardened, fished, started jogging (nights), biked and walked and I managed to paint four walls - making the sauna the first building there in maybe ever but at the very least in a very long time that's had its entire facade entirely, uniformly coated with paint within the span of two years! Except the doors. Hope to finish those later this month, when I leave on part three of my summer trips, or the second of the two short ones, after which the second of the two longer ones will commence in early September.

But I'm sure you're not all that interested in travel times right? You want photos. I'll probably not get to putting up more until summer's truly over, but hopefully that's enough for now! I'm stopping by in Bro for a few weeks, for work and concerts and other dues imbued in the monster that is my tool and food. My schedule, I mean. Or work? Something like that.

Hope to get some more reviews up in a bit, at least; hope y'all are having a great session of sunshine so far! The heatwave rages on here, though I hear it's not nearly as bad as it is in the rest of Europe - or California. Just a hundred or so forest fires so far, tens of thousands of hectares turned to ash, weeks without rain... we had smoke clouds billowing on the other side of the lake for a while too - spanning the width of the horizon, and the night smelled of smoke. Fortunately it was one of the short-lived fires, and it never came alarmingly close.

Come early August we finally had a few showers, and a so intense bout on the way from the airport we had to stop completely - could barely see the hood of the car. So, it's been an adventurous time! And hopefully more adventures await later this month, and all of September. The good kinds of adventures. Close calls at most. Or... calls?

Just no more stalling. Whatever's appealing and far from appalling. Whatever has meaning and calling. I'm rife with inspiration, on a strife to bind creation, to a light that primes the nation, and excites and smites degradation, ripe with life for derivation, for the patient no more waiting, celebration and vacation, recreation and performing! On Sunday morning: I'll be out snoring.


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