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It's Autumn!!

Shard Of Ice In Sunshine

Look what I found this morning! The days were warm but the nights grew cold, the heater eventually stayed on all night in the upstairs bedroom, the fire burned late, the cold air seeped in through the walls somehow and made you snuggle fiercer than before. It was cozy but sometimes cold. Summer's officially over huh?

I took my final (and only, in September) swim yesterday, after a final session of steamy candle-lit sauna, walked a final promenade under a moon so strong the waves shimmered in its light, and I cast a shadow.

Early on we covered the final crops so they'd survive the first promised frost, after a final canoe tour in the icy lake, after a final bike ride to the mailbox, before one last cup of tea in the garden - wool socks and thick jackets equipped, and today we headed off to the airport aaand here I am now, in Bro, painting our kitchen. Second coat in a few mins.

Just to let y'all know: I flew in.


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