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It's Autumn!!!

It really is. I just have to concur with my earlier assessment.

Yesterday's concert was awesome, but would've been cold if I wasn't wearing a few layers, wool socks, a hat, a raincoat... I was ready.

I managed to get a spot under the edge of a roof, at the front line, with the driest slice of the crowd behind me and a perfect view of the stage - over the line of umbrellas certain people refused to close at the outskirts of the arena.

The rain poured, and occasionally a sheet of raindrops swept in under the roof. The spotlights played through the haze and the water sprayed around the crowd. I would've liked to join in, but with an hour home in icy downpour it probably wouldn't have been too wise.

Today a cold wind blows outside, and the first leaves swirl with the breeze. The trees have started shedding here too - turning yellow under the icy autumn sun. Fall. Don't we all.


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