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It's Fry Day!

Feels like I've been burning both my candles lately.

No wait... that's not right. Just the one candle. Human candle. No nine lives here. *shout out newest Puss in Boots movie which was friggin' awesome*

Been burning my candle in both ends lately, I mean. And I mean that in both a good and a bad way. Good in that I'm progressing. Living. Accomplishing. Going through dues dutifully like there's no tomorrow! Watching movies after work. Getting home close to midnight. Getting up early to catch a train. Chew chew.

In a bad way since if you live like there's no tomorrow you'll feel a little worn out come tomorrow. Like if say you have a pretty prolific day and then stay up till 4:40 AM playing Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

It's such a good game though! Got back to it just recently. Two nights ago or so... I didn't want to sleep. I skimmed through my collection of GBA games in search of something I'd not yet played through fully or might want to go back to, and there it was. GS2:TGA. One of the best GBA RPGs ever.

I'm not sure I ever played through the first one fully either, but I'm not sure I have that one. Not with a functional save. They had some problems with such functionality on that one.

Seems I manage on less sleep occasionally at least. A sleepless night here and there's alright.

What bugs me is that I've been planning to up my exercise game for weeks at this point, but it's just not happening. I don't rest as required. I still eat too much. There's some kind of weird resistance I have in regard to working out consistently... or even generally just living healthily.

It's fine occasionally. I get a push and go tire myself out completely, and feel great after, but to actually make it a routine...?

Where's my discipline. How to attain that discipline. I've listened to a ton of podcasts on the topic already. Oughta know. I apply it to other areas of life but there's something strange about this one one. Endorphin-fueling and awesome though all exercise may be I just can't seem to get into it enough. Conflicting priorities? Some kind of strange martyr syndrome? Stress?

What is it. I need to figure this out. Tomorrow...

In better news though that theme song I've been occasionally speaking about for almost a year at this point is finally out there! You can catch it on NG or here. Shout out @Jabun - who probably put in way more work than he'd expected to put in when he first agreed to mixing/mastering this, and @ChordC on the awesome instrumental, and @Hania on obliging with her awesome voice on choruses and... other places.

It's been so long in the making I can't listen to it like I haven't already heard it a million times now and appreciate it fully, but I'm happy it's out! And it turned out great... I think I thought initially!

So far people seem to think so too. :) Woo.

Speaking of NG, they just killed General. Forum #1.

It was the one that started it all. The one forum there that's been thriving for soon twenty full years - even when activity on others waned - since the site was a mere baby.

I'm kinda bummed. Here's a petition to bring it back again.

I don't think it'll work - they have their reasons for closing - but it's worth a shot no? If it works it works, if no then oh...

And here's an Indiegogo for a project @littlbox's been working on for some four years now. Chip in if ya can/want to/feel generous punk (movie reference I realized I got wrong whilst writing - it's lucky).

Also had my music used in this a while back, meant to post a link to this game I also made some music for a while back, and here are six duplicate movie reviews.

Three newly posted, and three that got lost in a text file around summer.

If you wonder about that trip I took recently: it was awesome.

I can't ski - odd for a Swede I know - I didn't grow up in places with snow, but we rode up the mountain anyway and watched the people who did, walked along the shoreline of a frozen lake, toured the small town of Åre, saw the biggest waterfall in Sweden (Tännforsen), ate good, played games, tried the small but fully functional sauna in their rented cabin apartment on the third floor and had an I'd say pretty fun birthday party on the day my brother's girlfriend hit fifty (years not cents)!

I traveled back tired three days later on a late seven hour train - caught the last commuter train home with but a minute to spare - and since then life's been running again.

My brother's girlfriend fractured her shoulder the day after I'd left. :/ Whilst out walking the dog on what I'd assume was probably a pretty icy surface. They'll know if it'll heal itself or if she needs surgery in about a week. I hear it's painful. She already has some herniated discs. Debilitating addition.

What a way to end their one week celebration/vacation in the wild...

Reminds you that you do need to take care of yourself. Of your health. Stay light. Stay agile. Stay strong. If you can. I think I'll take at least a longer walk than usual today; work more on that tomorrow... after a somewhat shorter session of the-golden-age-of-gaming Golden Sun tonight.

That's all for now. It's Friday. The sky's veiled. Get out and fly.


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  1. S3C
    Saturday Apr/1/2023

    is it gluten free? make sure to use fresh oil

    if you split a candle in half and burn it to illuminate two separate areas is it still considered burning at both ends...

    I guess I could watch movies after work...but it's cheaper to just stream online from home...and I only watch on Fridays...

    never played it, is it as good as Advanced Wars or Grand Sun 2: Theft Golden Auto. umm don't have a functional first Golden Sun, just use a ROM.

    strangely I've had a bit more energy sleeping lesser and on weird schedules. Been on travel around the country. Flights scheduled early in the morning. Have to drop off rental cars and take a bus to flights. Catch an hour of zzzs on planes and a few hours when I can in hotel rooms. Forces polyphasic sleeping I suppose. Opposed to being at home, indulging in bad habits, staying up late, waking up even later and feeling a bit lethargic here and there. Also: I'm pleasantly surprised at the great collection of complimentary cinema they offer on flights these days! Or maybe I haven't been flying the right airlines. I've seen Amelie, Fargo, 300, Hunger Games, American Beauty. Plenty of classics old and new. They even have gaming and news too. But not virtual synagogues if you're a Jew...but maybe they do. If I fly to Tel Aviv with the Turkish Airlines crew.

    how about this: exercise while you can because at some point you can't. You have to keep your body active or you WILL fall apart sooner than later. Stay light. Stay agile. Stay strong. If you can. I have gym anxiety so that's not an option I feel comfortable pursuing. Trying to take long walks, micro-jogging. Jumping to see how high I can touch. I don't feel great when I tire myself out. I feel nauseous. I strain muscles easily- and get soar in a way that doesn't feel right. Hard to get vitamin D these days with the strange foreboding weather around these. Been storming constantly since the beginning of the year. Rare snow. Even rarer tornadoes. Hey it's sunny out brb to take a walk after I finish this poast. Followed by a somewhat shorter session of golden-age-of-gaming XCOM tonight as a gluten-free-age-of-bread toast.

    nothing wrong with eating too much: I probably eat too little. Cooking is damn annoying.

    Conflicted as to whether closing forums is a bad thing. But understand, staff has better things to do than parent petty dramas. It would be great if this would boost the #s in other forums, that revolve around, you know, creating actual content, then just shooting the breeze. It would be great if this boosted shooting the breeze on your newsposts. I feel that an insignificant amount of people will ditch NewGrounds though and it will re-open some time early next year. Rise like a Phoenix new and improved.

    well...stop losing text files then!!

    snow is not meant for brown folk and I neither can ski. Though they the say skiing will be here up in the mountains year around! it's been piling up, bringing in customers, padding the snow deep and compact such that the summer sun rays won't be able to melt it all down.

    yep, I know all about shoulder woes, and yep, it's very painful. some say it's worse than childbirth. Probably the most pain I've felt.

    But I just got back so I don't feel like flying anymore.

  2. Cyber
    Saturday Apr/1/2023

    The candle? Candle oil? What now? O_O

    Hmm but then you'd have four ends, and it would be more than the both ends... you'd have more ends but shorter ends, and if burnt in all ends the time to burn all ends would shrink exponentially...

    No time Monday - Thursday? I do still have my unconventional schedules, and commute just part-time, so usually end up going to the movies on Mondays. Cheaper from home for sure but I'm starting to like the cinema experience more and more, just feels like one worth preserving, finna keep up at least with the titles I most look forward to that way!

    Don't know about Grand Sun 2: Theft Golden Auto but yeah I'd say it does rival Advanced Wars. XD Very different, but equally expansive and wholesome. Just ain't the same with ROMs though (even if I actually do have a flash card emulator for my NDS)! I'll probably get a functional copy of that first one second-hand some time.

    Interesting. Maybe the change of pace and location and all gives a boost? If you enjoy life I find generally you don't need as much sleep either. Such enjoyment seems to correlate to variation; changes; maybe just lots of fresh air and sun and all, more physical living... as seems applicable here too then. Polyphasic sleeping huh, interesting. Maybe benefits to that too. I hear with both sleep and awake time you have an internal rhythm that shifts ever ninety minutes or so, so for example you have ninety minutes of deep sleep, shallow sleep, deep sleep again, and so on... maybe with shorter sessions you can tune into that deep state immediately and save on some hours of shallow such too.

    Woo man you're living the life! And these movies on national flights no less? Suppose national flights in Sweden aren't really long enough for a movie. Haven't been on an international one that had any in a long time either, but they showed movies even some ~20 years ago, curious how much the underlying tech's changed since last I was on a real long-range plane.

    Fo shizzle. Need some such affirmation on what I know to be true too sometimes. :)

    Can't say I'm comfortable at the gym yet either but I figure if I keep at it eventually I will be... been thinking about how to best incorporate podcasts into the gym routine. Would make it easier to focus on just what I'm doing and not everyone else. Need some listening device I can move around with...

    Sounds like you could use some more exercise too man. :/ All good routines there but I wonder why you'd feel nauseous post-workout, some mineral deficiencies or something maybe, something with balance or blood sugar... seems like something more regular exercise might fix. Maybe not though...

    Tornadoes in LA?! O_O

    XCOM hmmm! Heard of but haven't played! Reccomended?

    The one downside to eating too much though: you gain weight. XD And feel bloated. Gets harder to at any time during the day just go wild with the workouts. Opposing problems here huh.

    Indeed, I understand they have better things to focus on, but at the same time the General forum was thriving, drama or no, it was still a potential lure for new users; one everyone had access to; one with active introduction threads and plenty of new people consistently streaming in. Focusing on blogs they take away that aspect of community a little. Sure people can form their own groups and talk to friends that way, but they won't be visible to new users, and they'll create their own little echo chambers, and have plenty of drama anyway that staff just isn't aware of.

    May just increase need to administrate blogs instead, and if similar conversations move over to other forums instead of General then little will change...

    I don't know if this really was the right choice... time will tell of course. Maybe all the General drama does get a reset of sorts and the content of conversations elsewhere on the site improves too. Politics doesn't seem as central a category, but a forum without a General forum... it's just a little weird. That's typically the main one; the one where you can talk without restriction or context. The obvious and pressureless place for most.

    Ey, hope for that! If not the current one maybe just a whole new General forum. Fresh start. It'd be the third time they remake it. (Just hope they don't delete the old one if so.)

    I shall attempt to save what text files remain!!!

    Atypical ski-related skin pigmentation would make for better visibility on those slopes though. ;) Kinda problematic when everything's so white. At least we have colorful clothes.

    Snow in LA, year round, wouldn't have expected that! Even here they don't ski all year, though there's always at least a cap of snow at the very top of the mountain.

    It looks fun to run those slopes though. Albeit hella scary. Was learning how to ski on flat ground a few years back, a little, still don't feel comfortable with the sport at all but some day maybe!!!

    Damn man... when/how did you have such injury?

    Flying's optional. XD Hope ya got that walk anyhow! The sun is shining here too, bout to head out now...

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