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It's January 02 And I Had To Post A Blog... now I've posted the blog. There.

Nah just kidding, post of the day is uploading as I speak. The post is uploading? What? The huh, you say? I'll give you a clue but it's more of a spoiler: images. Hey, don't complain, it's 2 AM in the morning and I'm... no wait, it's just 21:16... but I'm still really really tired.

So, after the post after this post I'm going to bed... though I just might read the five remaining Phantom comics under the bedside table, write a diary entry, write the required creative text of the day and finish isolating the briefcase I'm isolating for technical electrical products first. Not to forget watch Hunter X Hunter episode 13. Anyway... it's January 02 of the new year 2012 and I've now posted a blog. Hasta very soon.


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