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It's Saturday...

...and I'm sitting at the office.

Who would've thought huh? Work-shy as I may be when it comes to any kind of work where any and all monetary reward seems to incrementally benefit corporate giants and/or government beyond myself more so than myself, and thus for which all partial work-related gains make me feel like but a cog in the machine; like a slave to the man; like I'm making an effort just so somebody else can make an effort not to; thus am not generally a fan of occupations that require more effort than is necessary to but survive in this crazy time... I'm sitting at the office today!

On a weekend. With snow in droves outside.

But I am working with something I enjoy working with, around people I enjoy being around, and they have a killer coffee machine here that gives you cappuccino with real milk - and fresh-ground beans - so despite all tax and spend-related second-hand income charity this project may garner and thereby benefit the hateful entities out there that sway our ways somewhat already and probably aim to control the world entirely and ultimately enslave and/or kill us all (which seems to me in many ways synonymous) - all a part of that pickle of profiteering hierarchies I'd rather not support... I feel pretty good.

And what kind of work doesn't have such side-effects anyway? Unless you manage to live off the land entirely and avoid partaking in all this bureaucratic, technocratic; very non-democratic corporate nonsense: you'd best just choose a job you like, and play this game as best you can play it, until you play the players themselves, and become a player yourself - that which you used to loathe and anger at, cause such is the way of the world in this world we currently live in.

So anyway it's been a pretty hectic but fun twelve days here thus far.

We've worked both Saturday(s) and Sundays. Twelve-hour days initially. Things are calming down a bit now... I'll be on a train back to Bro tomorrow, there in time for a Father's Day afternoon and a work day and then back to this business once more!!! Till it's all done and over and the goal is closure.

Just typing this up to let y'all know life is pretty good these days. :)

Hella busy though all may be.

And profitable...? I don't know. Probably not if this level of work effort's lasting! I'm not getting paid hourly for this. It's a flat fee gig.

Maybe all is well after all.


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  1. biterrr
    Wednesday Nov/15/2023

    I've first think that you're good capitalist boy. Now when I've learn that your slightly aligning to anarchy I may report you to Norwegian government so they cloud send government paid polar bears to "kick you out" from the system. Also which company forced you to overwork on weekend?

  2. Cyber
    Thursday Nov/16/2023

    But I don't live in Norway.

    My nephew's company. :P He's working too though - joint effort freelance design gig I initially thought we were getting a pretty generous clump sum for - but when you divide that sum by hours/detract living/transport/other costs, hmm... ah well it is fun! It's trial and error. First big design gig. We'll be better at budgetizing and scheduling next time.

    Curious how I can give off a capitalist impression though when I'm all about a new world order; of finding unconventional ways to make a living; of working towards a utopia in which there is no commerce, just trade, and we work the land, and hone our crafts and sense of purpose, and innovation's made for the sake of people's benefit more so than corporate profit. I thought I was pretty clearly anti-establishment in everything. XD

    Though not sure anarchy's a good alternative, some might abuse their freedom for the wrong reasons there too, may not be so different after all...

    The problem is maybe that whatever system we have: some find the loopholes, and figure out how to game it. Hence why communism's never worked in practice either, as ideal as it may seem in theory. There always are those working against the greater good - or with their own ideas as to what the greater good may be, indeed I'm probably no exception there myself...

    My sense of greater good really is a sensible sense of a greater good though, IMHO. :P

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