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It's Such A Beautiful Day (2012)

 It's Such A Beautiful Day (2012)

It's Such A Beautiful Day was such a beautiful movie... and a depressing movies... both depressing and beautiful... and it was such a strange movie too.

The movie details the life of Billy, an animated character, stick-figure hybrid, in a world that from the start consists of only blank backgrounds and other structures and beings in stick-format, but eventually gains a layer of effectual effects such as fire or rain, and later on: color and glimpses of a real life behind the stick life.

Eventually everything is a real, and it's a long road winding into an unprobable tomorrow, or a starlit sky in which some of the rays of light no longer even exist.

it's a philosophical journey, existential, and it starts off routinous and gray, gets strange and deranged, and finally moves onto realizations and en ending that... I think I should forewarn might not be the ending you are hoping for. But then again, maybe it is, maybe the ending is what really inspires, even if you don't feel particularly inspired. It gets you motivated in a you better make something of your life... or else kinda way... and at the same time it introduces so many creative concepts and patterns of thoughts that you see the world in a new light.

The scenarios are simple, random yet everyday, problems we all have, decisions we all face, narrated by a voice that at times changes form and pace and speeds-up towards in the end, in a one hour session of mixed therapy and rambling, of realization and hopelessness, drawn with simple and vivid imagery, backed up by atmospheric effects, sounds and at times silence. It's a play with the senses, with the way you perceive reality and ultimately: how you feel about tomorrow. It really is kind of a beautiful day.

And to completely ruin this beautiful conclusion to one of my more philosophical movie reviews in a long time: at one point in the movie I noticed that the clock on the wall is forever stuck on 11:17, even though the character says 11:57. Wonder if there's some symbolism behind that... what importance does a mere 40 minutes have? What could have happened during those 40 minutes? Is it a sign that the main character is already loosing it? Is it a sign the people who made this movie are lazy and careless? Or maybe they care; maybe the real reason the time on the clock doesn't fit the narrative is because it makes you question, and after questioning so much else about life, it lets you question such a trivial; maybe completely meaningless aspect of the movie. Could it be the final metaphor, for life; for what this movie is all about?

If you are at all intrigued by your existence, give it a watch. And take your time. It may not be the uplifting experience you hope for, but if you remember... you'll remember every minute.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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