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It's Summer!

I thought I'd fix that recent mistake before I left, but nope, that wasn't as easy as I thought. Public note for when I get back: compare backups before/after July 3. Post table only. Fix mistakes.

Also didn't get to gathering up that dose of The Offspring. I'll get to that.

As of right now I've checked in with the VA group for the NGAP15 project (y'all know what that is if y'are involved) one final time, packed (almost), defrosted the freezer, watered the plants with like twenty water can doses, and the garden until it was a puddle, eaten a quick dinner on shredded lemon, fried onions, sardins, lingonberries, black currents, chives, butter and a banana - whatever was left over, swatted a rare Stockholm mosquito (they're not so rare up North though), checked off the final tasks on the calender aaand I think I'm ready. Just need to take a quick shower, brush my teeth, and sleep maybe five hours until: travel time.

The Northern wilds await! I shall stop by the blog some time if I can and detail the going on's of my ventures into this behemoth and vacant space where forests run rampant and taste is great - if ever a computer with Internet access happens to be in close proximity and nobody's using it.

Have a great one y'all! If not earlier: I'll see you in August.


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    Thursday Jul/5/2018


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    Thursday Jul/5/2018

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