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It's Summer?

I'm off again! It's not really summer again but: it's still here right? Sort of? Not autumn at least. Not until my next vacation.

I never got around to fixing that mistake I mentioned in my last summer post, so I'm now making that previously public note a mental reminder for future rainy days instead.

I did try, but with a surplus of metadata, revisions, and other unnecessary bits of information in the table all showing up as individual changes it proved an all too time-consuming task after all. Better just skim through the archives and check my posts one by one some time, as I have planned to do regardless - as there's probably a great deal of other issues and updates those older posts are in much need of too.

As for that dose of The Offspring - and other concerts I managed during my recent return - I'll get to that. Been too busy drawing grounds and going to those additional concerts to make significant headway there, though I am caught up on old reviews!

And watched another bundle of greats. If you haven't seen The Fall, Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Wind River you're missing out.

Not much is going on with the NGAP15 VA group, but I checked in again, and now I'm checking out again. But just for a short while this time. Plants are watered again, freezer's up and running this time, and my bag is packed with apples, so here we go. I'll see y'all in a week or so.


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  1. S3C
    Thursday Aug/23/2018

    peace out

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday Aug/28/2018

  3. jamie luke
    Friday Aug/31/2018

    Nice post.keep posting

  4. Cyber
    Friday Aug/31/2018

    Will do!

  5. S3C
    Saturday Sep/1/2018

    @jamie luke
    Nice comment.keep commenting

  6. Cyber
    Saturday Sep/1/2018

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