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Jackie Chan Works

Starting today I'll be doing the same workout as Jackie Chan with hope that it will get me somewhere, because he got somewhere, right? Since Jackie Chan is such a great person maybe I'll be motivated enough to keep doing this every day too, who knows, miracles happen. For the first two weeks I'll be running on just half the specs though, and a bit less, can't jump in to the semi-extreme right away after two colds in a row and bad shape approaching. Anyhow, what I plan on doing will be this:

- 1-3 jkm jogging daily
- 2 sets 10 pushups
- 2 sets 20 situps
- weight/martial arts basic training

And then in about two weeks time I'll be doing this.

- 3-6 jkm jogging daily
- 3-4 sets 10 pushups
- 3-4 sets 20 situps
- weight/martial arts basic training

And if all goes well I'll be up at the Jackie Chan level in time for summer (deadline is June 2), which lies somewhere around....

- 5-7 jkm jogging daily
- 5 sets 10 pushups
- 5 sets 20 situps
- weight/martial arts training

Doesn't sound too hard, right? It's probably harder than it sounds, seeing as this will be a daily do, no room for rest at all, and the weight/martial arts training isn't as undetailed the list makes it seem. If I stretch right and don't do something stupid like skipping my nightly sleeping session some day it should be pretty hopefully smooth regardless. Think I'll make it?


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