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Java Heat (2013)

Java Heat (2013)

Was this the movie that was supposed to bridge the gap between Wester and Eastern culture? I don't think it works, because you know... the main character is still American. The main villain is also an American, with a shitty French accent (he's not supposed to be an American). It's easy to see who stars most, who has the last laugh and who really wins in the end. The Muslim cop is just the sidekick.

This is kind of like all of those movies with one black cop and one white cop that really don't fit together, acting together just to please both ethnicities and cater to a greater audience. I'm not saying blacks and whites don't mix, but movies created with such prejudice in mind is just... pointless. Setting all the stereotypes and Americanization aside though, this was a good movie. It had action, it had some exotic scenery and family drama, and though I still don't think Rourke ever really makes a good villain, it was a good movie. Nothing spectacular, but good action.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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