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Jaws 3-D (1983)

Jaws 3-D (1983)

They really made a sea world for and out of this one! And it reminds me a bit of Cruel Jaws, which came after, and was seeing this now clearly a rip-off. But a well-done one that in some aspects probably surpassed the original.

They have the theme park too here, the sunken ship, the grenade and all... it's all very familiar. The latter was definitely a lot more fast-paced and gripping, while this one clearly had a much bigger budget. They had crowds here. Synchronized dolphin flips. A real underwater structure. Those bits were pretty cool. Suppose this might've been the one to inspire Deep Blue Sea too.

The 3D effects (two of them that are really obvious even if you aren't watching it in 3D) didn't stand the test of time all that well, but they must've been something out of this world at the time the movie came out, and I'm glad they got a happy ending for once too.

The movie overall feels a bit disconnected from the earlier two, but with a similar style, and mood, and girls and all that shizzle, and some black guys in higher positions for probable purpose of increased equality... I don't dislike progress but it just feels very clear here that's the only reason they were there. Could've played a more central role. Could've been involved with the final scenes, or rescue, or... you know what? They could've just omitted them too if they were just there to be culprits.

Then again I could've just not got stuck on this one observation in the first place. Why do I notice. What is color but a color. The road towards film (and anywhere else for that matter) diversity sure has been a bumpy one, and still is always so angled. Everyone's always wherever they are for a reason, with a role that appeals to people of particular groups, but not always because they're credible, or suitable, or good actors. I wish observations like this were never a thing; that they focused more on the product than on suitable breadth of racial distribution.

Never mind that tangent! If you liked the earlier Jaws you'll probably like this too, and enjoy the new setting, and they certainly made up for earlier shortcomings in regard to lacks of crowds. Observers as to whatever carnage is currently ongoing and what sense of desperation and danger need be conveyed. The more people are involved the bigger potential sacrifice and all too.

The desperation's real here. The shark wound looks real. There's a loose end with Lisa, though.

It's starting to feel a bit watered down this franchise... like they've got it but they've forgotten how to use it. The shark did look real, but you rarely get a sense it's actually in the same place as the swimmers. They cut to either one or the other, or you just see a fin, and the slow-mo shots of the glass cabin were shameful... but anyway. It was alright. I liked the water stunts. Could've probably been bigger; badder; better considering the budget but it's still worth a watch if you started this road. Of Jaws and all. Of these underwater movie franchises with beasts that clobber us like dolls; have water sports involved and all.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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