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Jism (2003)

Jism (2003)

It's a tragic love story again. Or, well, not again. This was the prequel: a sad, sensual and passionate erotic thriller from Bollywood. It's nothing like Jism 2 - it's not the same undercover under cover intrigue, it's a bit more simple, but at the same time that seems to make it a bit more authentic, and though there isn't as explicit nudity as in the second, the sensual scenes are indeed sensual.

Apparently, this is a remake of Body Heat, which was a remake of Double Indemnity - both old Hollywood movies I haven't seen yet. It tells the tale of Kabir, an unhappy, rather poor, alcoholic lawyer [who] lives a playboy lifestyle in Pondicherry and meets Sonia Khanna, the beautiful wife of a traveling millionaire. They have a stormy affair that soon turns to deceit and death and the tragic tale that it is.

If you can live into the passion it's not a bad movie, though if you can't it'll probably seem cheesy and exaggerated. It's a sensual and stormy watch, with plenty of drama, albeit not much or realistic action.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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