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Johnny English 2 - Reborn (2011)

Johnny English Reborn (2011)

The long awaited Johnny English sequel has been out for a while now, and I've finally watched it!

Johnny's got some gray hair, and the action scenes sometimes look a bit slow when he runs them, but overall the movie manages to combine action and comedy the same way the last one did. Maybe not better, but at least just as well.

A traumatizing incident in Mozambique (deja vu on the incident that killed all agents in the last movie) has made Johnny go into exile and training in a Shaolin temple. That's where we meet him, before he is put back in service by M17 (now owned by Toshiba), and another ridiculously funny mission starts. Sometimes the humor can be a bit lame, but overall, it's not too lame to laugh at. The plot twists unexpectedly at times, and very expectedly at others, but it's varied and the action sequences are much flashier than in the last movie. Better budget I suppose.

There's a boat chase, a helicopter ride, a fight on a ski lift, a wheelchair chase... so there's plenty of watchable content. Rely on Rowan Atkinson to deliver family-friendly comedies. There's been way too few of these lately. The movie features crazy inventions, pokes fun at James Bond regularly, borrows some humor from the Pink Panther movies and I wonder if the black Tucker agent is inspired by the Rush hour trilogy? The frequently present old Chinese assassin/cleaner lady opens for much humor as well.

Johnny English in this movie is more like Pink Panther than James Bond, though there's a lot of similarities between these two series. If Roward Atkinson makes another sequel I suppose it will be a series btw, for now it's just a couple. But if not, this is a well-deserved final. Not a perfect movie, but thoroughly entertaining.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

January, 2018

Johnny English Reborn (2011)

It's not quite like Bond but... it sure does have its similarities!

I like how the temple training all goes full circle at the end, and the humor is fantastic. When it begins I'm thinking 'I wonder if I'll still like this, it being so corny and all'... but I shouldn't doubt Atkinson! He's really got it. Still. And hopefully still, considering there's another sequel coming out this year.

I read something about gray hairs in the review above. Wonder how it'll be this time around... hopefully it's time for another timeless classic.

I think I've watched this one a few times by now, or at least two. It wasn't as fantastic as the first, but still gets a...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

June, 2022

Johnny English 2 - Reborn (2011)

Don't miss the after-credit cook-out scene! I think I did last time(s) I watched this. It's impressive. If it was originally intended to be in the movie I understand why they cut it out. English is just legitimately good. Not Johnny English style goofy. The way he slices those carrots, mid-air... sure there's a lot of food waste but overall daaaamn. He's got skills for reals. So well-timed with the music too. You don't realize how well until it's over.

Alright, so apart from the after-credit masterpiece fine-dine frenzy: the humor's a little silly sometimes, but so well choreographed, and paced, and the cast is so good too. Feel like I don't give this the credit it really deserves if I give it just a four but...

That's how it is with family-friendly comedy I guess. It works for all, but not flawlessly for any but the young.

But I do love it. Love Rosamund Pike too.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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