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Johnny English 3 - Johnny English Strikes Again (2018)

Johnny English 3 - Strikes Again (2018)

Johnny English is back, and bolder, better, and more brutal than ever! The comedy follows the tradition in never taking it too far, but still often going for either awkwardly entertaining or just straight over-the-top.

In a good way.

They theme this third movie on technology, and as much as it's entertaining to witness (they make the wittiest out of it too) the clashes between Johnny 'Oldskool' English and the new generation, it also feels like they're making a statement: that technology isn't only for the betterment of all, and I both like and share that sentiment too.

Atkinson does look a bit older, but he's definitely still got it, and he's as fun to watch as ever. The movie takes him on a chase after a new-age villain together with his old companion (Bough), has him running into a femme fatale, driving around, venturing into a whole new kind of VR world, suiting up and eventually saving the world - all in classy Johnny English style!

There's just no one like him, and I miss the harmless kind of humor he brings with him. For all ages no less.

The sceneries are immersive, the soundtrack orchestral, the script expansive, the wit extensive, the locations expensive, the humor laughable (in a good way), and the essence of it all is as flashy as ever.

The chase goes as you expect it to go, which is one of the few details I wish they could change - that they'd go for something unexpected not only with the bloopers but with the plot progression itself, but that's one of very few things I'd like to change here. For the most part it was a blast, either seat-sticking suspenseful or stead-flipping entertaining, and though the premise isn't the most advanced it's the humor that really does it. And the style. And Rowan Atkinson's pure genius.

Is this the third and final movie? If it was it was a worthy end... though I can't say I remember enough of the first to fully compare, but I wouldn't mind if they keep it going just a little longer. I just can't get enough.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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