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The Joker (2019)

You get to see a whole new side of the Joker with this one, and it's not a bad side either...

The filming's fantastic, it feels like the Batman universe in a whole new light, a both brighter and darker one - maybe more authentic that way, and though Joaquin Phoenix has certain facial features and face paint that maybe makes him not look entirely Joker-like (not like the ones before him at least) he plays the role gloriously. But did they have to stick him in an asylum at the end? Too edgy to let him roam free and end with the fires?

I started watching this one when I was a bit depressed, and actually let it be till later since it seemed like it might take me over some kind of edge but... when I saw the rest of it in a better mood it suddenly didn't come across so dark after all. Maybe it was just the start.

It's violent and gritty and savage but not so dark as I expected. The Joker comes across as more of a good guy than not, just abandoned, just mistreated, just a little little looney... but in the end it seems he's seeing life in a whole new light! And with a smile. So maybe it's worth the while.

Don't think this is the moral I should be getting from this but: it ain't so bad after all. Not life. Nor this movie.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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  1. deadskoo🆖
    Wednesday Mar/31/2021

    I saw this twice and I really liked it.

    But at the end I thought he was even more looney than before

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Mar/31/2021

    Ah you think so? Loonier than how he's portrayed in other movies, or loonier than he seemed at the start of this one? I'd agree with the latter yeah, wonder if it was a personal change or just a consequence of finally being off his meds entirely... embracing that crazy.

    I usually stick to uplifting movies for repeat watches so hmm, wonder if I'll see this one again... definitely good though.

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