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Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (2017)

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

It seems Tracy Morgan and The Rock are just the perfect combo, no matter the movie. I was happy and surprised to see them both here, since I wasn't expecting anything more than maybe a sequel to Central Intelligence if they reprized those roles. This was a refreshing spin-off.

Then there's Jack Black. He didn't steal the spotlight but had his fair share of moments too. Not to forget Karen Gillan, who didn't do so much more for the comedy but: wasn't bad either. Main villain: Bobby Cannavale.

In difference from the original Jumaji movie (which I just watched again to compare to this), there are certain differences. For one: it's no longer a board game, it's a video game, and though the board's transition from board to video seemed a bit strange at first... the rest worked perfectly. Getting sucked into a TV somehow feels a lot more realistic than getting sucked into a board, as well. Like the circuitry and power within such a device might actually allow for something like this to take place. Scientifically. Technologically. Magically...? An untapped power that only the Jumanji game brings out... it just seems possible somehow.

So, it all starts at school, where four guys (two girls/two guys) get sent on detention, and wind up cleaning out an old room at school where... they find the game, get sucked in, and here we go! It's intense straight from the start, and the in-game characters immediately bestow upon the original characters a great sense of comedy value with their in-game forms. But also a sense of meaning, and personal growth.

As they trek through the Jumanji jungle in search of a way out, learning and bonding as they go, a few trails of wisdom come into play too... sometimes it feels a bit much like a teenage movie, but most of the time: I'm in it. I'm right there. I'm in the movie as much as they are in the game.

The sceneries are great, the characters are great, and the premise refreshingly oldskool. Compared to the last... it's tougher? Newer? More intense? It's not the same at all, but if I may say so myself (and I May I) this one was better. More relatable, more fun, and more intense, though the other had a whole other atmosphere and story, and so much more detail.

They're both great in their own ways.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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