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Just One Question...

...that I can't answer!

Do I want to, or don't I want to, is what it all boils down to. And it's been on my mind all morning. The simplest thing turns into the greatest brooding. So dude, what do you think, should I or should I stop, and not think like that, think back, think: could I do this or that? And not keep letting my thoughts wander, squander on what's beyond Earth, when all that really matters is the former or the latter. Yes or no.


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  1. Doomroar
    Sunday Nov/30/2014

    Well like my mom used to say all the time:
    "If you have to go, just go, or stay here and pee yourself, you are old enough to go to the bathroom by yourself."

    This is about that question to pee or not to pee, right? right!?

  2. Cyber
    Sunday Nov/30/2014

    Ahh, the question of questions! And a tidbit of wisdom for the ages! I'm afraid this post doesn't deal with anything quite that profound! :(

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