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Just Stepping Bye

I'm almost back. Just one more weekend up North. Just a few more days to savor the wild and the wonderful. Just a few more days...

I've been back in Stockholm for a few days of work before then (as in: now), and a couple concerts if I've energy enough. If not: at least one.

Today was D-A-D. You know, that Danish band? The one with the nah-nah-nah... and you're misunderstood! At the end of the line... there's a laugh and a half... song, you know? No?

Well that was them. I've heard the song every now and then, but never knew who was behind it until I played the sampler on their Gröna Lund concert page for the year, and so I was hyped to hear them play (because I love that song), even if I imagined their music overall might be on the softer side and maybe not all my style.

Turns out that was the soft song, and they played it as their encore. From start to end it was non-stop rock, with plenty of wit and solo, and the crowd was great. Happy people. Heavy music. Great musicians. Definitely one of the highlights of the year. And tomorrow's The Hives.

So I'm just stepping by here in case I do decide to make time for one more, and then off and away again early morning after, but this time just for the weekend. Happy day (intended double entendre as in: have a); see y'all soon. And if you're in Stockholm: don't miss these concerts! There's just a few more left this season.


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  1. S3C
    Saturday Sep/9/2017

    Just Stopping Bye? Then Just Stepping Bye? What's next, Just Slipping Bye? Then Just Slicking By? To the point where you are Infinitesimally Small Stopping Bye where you can practically Just Bye? Shouldn't you be Just Slothing Bye? and then Just Staying Bye? to the point where you are Just Stockholming Bye Until Summer 2018 Comes Around?

    this is the only nah nah nah song I know (and that line is fitting here):

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday Sep/12/2017

    That I am, and during summer this whole site's bye Bob. Time just keeps slipping by, but I'm stopping! Hi. (I'll keep those other ones in mind for future posts...)

    Also not a bad song! :D Hey Hey Hey!

    Sure you've never heard this one though:

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