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Justice League Dark (2017)

Justice League Dark (2017)

It's like Justice Leage - War all over again, but with a new villain, and a totally new cast. Instead of (most of) the Justice League there's Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, the human/demon duo Jason Blood and Etrigan, and Swamp Thing, no less!

I read through a batch of comics starring these somewhat lesser-known superheroes last summer, so the new cast was fun to see, but the script itself is... not new.

Maybe all these movies follow the same formula somehow, but though exciting and intense it also feels used, and too powerful. They just keep going and going. There's no limit. You never feel like one of the characters might be in danger for real when there's always one more hero lurking behind a corner; ready to jump in. It's fluent, but at the same time it feels broken. Aimless. A mash-up instead of a masterpiece. I like the characters and their get-together against evil, but it doesn't go beyond 'good'.

The beginning showed promise, with humans seeing other humans as demons - a plague that was sweeping over the world, and the Justice League was called together to stop the threat... but then Batman says something about how de doesn't believe in magic, and goes off by himself to find... guess what? A magician. And poof: it all changes.

A while later Constantine and his magic house (plus good-looking material manifestation of ditto) enter to save the day, a few more show up for the ride, and they go on an adventure of their own like the demon plague is a thing of the past, and then get back to a city where the rest of the Justice League are suddenly their enemies - taken over by the darkness (for some reason the new heroes are all immune). Time for one EPIC SHOWDOWN.

Whatever happened to the League, though? It feels like an incredible mistitle of the movie. And whatever happened with the soundtrack? Dubstep just because it's the new thing. And whatever happened to the plot? Loose ends. So many. It's like a wig just fell apart and the hairs are all over the place. It was fun to watch, but I get why the IMDB score doesn't go more than a third of the way. The voice acting, animation and such is great, and it never gets dull, but the script feels rushed and inconsistent.

Wish the new guys would've received a more proper introduction.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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