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Karate Kill (2016)

Karate Kill (2016)

A Japanese karate master takes a trip to LA to find his missing sister, only to find out she's been kidnapped, and is about to involuntarily take on a lead role in a live-streaming snuff film by a crazy group of crooks going by the name of Capitol Messiah.

So he does what any self-respecting karate master would do, and makes the members of the group participate in their own film instead.

Never mind the obvious budget restrictions, or the fake splatter and other not-entirely-authentic special effects: this movie's bad-ass. It's Japanese, and so if you're not used to the style you might find the overly aggressive tone of the fights a bit over the top, but if you are used to it you'll find it pretty awesome.

There's some impressive stunts, fights and chases along the way, and partial nudity that really makes the movie look the part. It's all but half-ass. It's violent. Samurai of the new age-like, but in a highly American setting.

It reminded me a bit of Rumble in the Bronx sometimes. But only a little. It reminds of Gringo-like movies too, and of Grindhouse. It's got the pace and the grind. If it's action you're after: you've got it. Gritty and good. If only some things were better it'd be a definite four. The fights call for more.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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