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Keanu (2016)

This here is a hella hilarious story about a kitten, and a couple of guys who get kinda attached to it. There's love, there's comedy, there's straight up gangsta action a la Jump Street 21 style (before it went 22), great music (it's all subjective), guns, swords, Anna Ferris... it's got it all!

It's a kinda corny, kinda crazy, kinda great action comedy/parody with an unwilling and incredibly cute kitten as lead character, plot progressor and aggressor all in one. How far will the main characters really go for this one cat? An incredibly cute cat, but nevertheless: a cat.

Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key are a genuinely entertaining and complementing combo - even before they transform into their hardcore Allenwood alter egos Techtonic and Shark Tank, and they really bring out the best in the plot. A lot of the time's spent on either them bickering with each other, or with others, but it's all genuinely enjoyable, and that neither of the characters being a bad character probably helps.

It's not a movie with great depth, just great entertainment, and so I'll leave with a simple review. Looking for a cute, creative, catty action movie with occasionally relentless tension and some pretty crazy scenes, but nothing all too dark or deadly? Here you have it, and it's great.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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