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Kidnap (2017)

Kidnap (2017)

Here's Halle Berry playing a devoted mother hell-bent on getting back her son when one day he's abducted at the playground. The perpetrator speeds away, and she speeds after, and things soon get pretty crazy.

It was a seat-glue kind of film from start to finish, in a similar vein as Speed and other chase movies of the sort, though it does pause every once in a while. For variation and suspense; rarely for calm and contemplation.

I feel like the maternal instinct thing is a bit overdone sometimes, and of course they throw in a potential custody issue with the dad just before the moment of crisis... but we never really hear what happened to that.

Unrelated but interesting fact: Christopher Berry acted the villain, though there doesn't seem to be any relation between them.

Would have been really cool if this was based on a true story, but as it was it was a great movie, intense all the way, with a more maternal main character than most. Was unsure whether to give it a three or four... but setting personal impressions on how the motherly aspects make for a somewhat too hysterical main character in an action movie like this aside it's definitely a:

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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