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Kill Ratio (2016)

Kill Ratio (2016)

Here's a movie a bit like Hotel Rwanda... or even more like No Escape, but without the massacre, and with a little bit lower budget.

The story: during a coup d'état our main character duo cellphone saleswomen and maybe-CIA agent end up saving the president, and closed up in their hotel fighting to survive the night and free the country.

The special effects are unfortunately totally unrealistic, the amount of extras way too few for there to ever be a crowd, and some scenes a bit too drawn-out, but overall: it's not bad. It gets better than the beginning led me to believe. Tom Hopper plays a pretty good tough guy after all, Amy Huberman and Lacy Moore tough girls and Nick Dunning a suitable villain. There's plenty of witty remarks and justice along the way, leading up to a pretty intense finale on the upper and lower floors of their hotel.

There's a story behind the name, too. It's not all perfect, but for B-movie action it's got enough going to keep you satisfied, and hopefully overlook the flaws.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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