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Kill Speed (2010)

Kill Speed (2010)

Best friends fly home-built, high-tech planes to deliver drugs from Mexico to California in order to fund their Hollywood life-style.

Pretty sure I've seen this one before.

The same things that bugged me last time bug me now - like that tough guy at the start of the movie just waving the gun around aimlessly until the cops pull up and arrest him. And Tom Arnold making such a half-assed dive for his gun in the back of the van that they could've easily shot him. Things like that.

On the other hand the first explosion is awesome, the fire extinguisher bit was fun, the planes are cool, the tough guys look bad-ass for real, and... well it's just a really smooth movie that way. It looks good. The dialog's the weak part. And the script. The authenticity too.

The big turn irks me the most though. The relation. The obvious bit, when she was checking his computer and he didn't suspect a thing. The filming was solid but there's just so much wrong with the directing, and the script. All of it. How the characters react, and speak, and interact, and how easily legality and illegality mix.

In the end it comes off feeling like a Fast & Furious rip-off with planes. It's cool but just... not there.

 rated 2/5: decent


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