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Killer Crocodile (1989)

Killer Crocodile (1989)

A group of naive environmental activists face the harsh tooth of reality when in a slumbering village town a killer crocodile comes in and wrecks havoc upon its inhabitants.

You know those movies that are so bad they somehow turn out good?

This is one of those movies.

It's a clearly Jaw-inspired spin-off - you can tell by the soundtrack if you happen to miss all other inspirations - that traverses a more exotic jungle scene than that one and only.

It may not be all as heavy as my little summary here hints, the plot twist that takes them to the hunt is badly arranged (didn't a friend of theirs just die already?), the dynamite sticks and radioactive waste seem like a lost trail, the girls seem to have been there only to look good for a while (they did, though) and the pier-side acting may not have been the best but... the croc prop was. And have you ever seen a burning killer crocodile prop before? First bloodied by a brutal boat motor stabbing incident.

I enjoyed this one. Maybe most of all I just enjoyed the milieu. The cars - exotic jeep and buggy-like hybrids. The boats. The river. The half-sunny days, lazy fishery business and style of life.

It's like a glimpse back to a time when time stood still, and though that's no doubt not the intention here that's why I love movies like this. In how they take me to both an entirely different place and time entirely.

Feels almost like an exploitation movie too. Did they live on longer in the Dominican Republic?

Last but not least it just so happens to be a movie from my birth year. :) Always awesome to stumble upon one of those.

Still can't give this a too high score but...

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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