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Killing Cryptosporidium In Östersund

Östersund has since about two months back been invaded by a parasite going by the name of Cryptosporidium, it infiltrated the citys water supply and they have not yet been able to remove it. Inhabitants are advised to boil all water two minutes before consumption, to dry themselves really well after showers, and to not take baths longer than fifteen minutes due to large additions of chlorine in the water. The chlorine doesn't kill the parasite, but it decreases the amount. Those who get infected experience stomach pains, diarrhea, fever & headaches.

We were aware of this when we arrived in Östersund, obviously a bit paranoid & at the beginning probably a little dehydrated as well. After a first sleepless night we were a bit less paranoid and after another day we didn't worry much at all, we were just careful. I even took a shower, though I admit it was much shorter than my usual showers. As long as you don't wash your face and be sure to dry up afterwards the Cryptosporidium doesn't stand a chance. Washing dishes and cooking food was a much more time-consuming task than usual, we had pots all over the place filled with water, some warm, some cold, some out on the balcony in the chilling snow.

It snowed almost all the time we were there, gently, and amidst the games played and meals consumed we found time to speed down snow-covered hills with a swift trail of dust after us. I plowed through about ten comics, tried to sleep while Maud ate her midnight meal (it's a one room apartment), played with Rasmus and sped through the city shops in two quick runs when time allowed us. We took a trip to Ulla-Britta & Boda Borg & Car Inspection (woo) and spent ten hours on train and bam, suddenly I'm home again. Trip went quick, but it was a good four days.


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