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Killing Gunther (2017)

Killing Gunther (2017)

I'm not sure what to say about this one... it's a documentary-style action comedy featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, though he doesn't really show up until the final moments, and a group of assassins whose only aim is to kill him. Gunther: that's him.

It's well-made but silly at the same time. For a while I feel like the characters complement each other, and Sanaa (Hannah Simone) stands out as the one who isn't totally brainless or psychotic, and the scene with the exploding cars was massive, but when it's all over... I'm no longer convinced.

It was fun, but also a bit aimless. Arnold overplayed. The other guys played well but... I didn't like everything about their characters, and I don't like how it all played out in the end. The interview-like narrative doesn't always feel authentic, and the ending feels wrong in so many ways. Not just because it goes wrong, or because Gunther dies, but just... I can't put my finger on it. I'm just not all content with the characters or content.

It's a different kind of comedy though, and it kept me watching all the way through so it can't have been that bad, but it could have been better.

 rated 2/5: decent

Also: Leon glasses? That detail disturbs me. Either it'd be a welcome homage or it'd just be disrespectful, depending on how good this movie was, and since it's neither really good nor really bad... well, they feel misplaced. Leon was on a whole other level.


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