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Killing Hasselhoff (2017)

Killing Hasselhoff (2017)

Well this was... pretty silly. Entertaining too, though. I can't lie. It's a light-humored farce about a regular small Asian guy who desperately needs money, featuring Ken Jeong as that one guy, and David Hasselhoff as the potential source of that money, as the former one half-assedly attempts to kill the latter for a prize in a deadpool.

Of course Hasselhoff is totally oblivious to the nature of these devious plots (as oblivious as he is to the existence of the main character, for that matter) until the very end, at which point it all works out for the best... for everyone.

It's a decent comedy. No throw-up party humor, and nothing too crude or crazy. Those birds were pretty cool too. I just wish they'd stop going below the gowns for movies like this (it's a fad fad), and making clowns out of all the main characters. There's no class in that. And then Beiber pops up at his ending cameo and concludes with: 'No, you're the fucking man'. Really? Not necessary. At least Hasselhoff's got that otherwise missing element covered. People need to get with the right times. The old times.

I didn't know so much about Hasselhoff until just recently btw. The new Baywatch movie (with his surprise cameo), and now this, and... it feels like all is falling into place. Both that and the infamous (in name only as I've yet to see it) Night Rider were before my time, but maybe it's nigh time to revisit those classics I'm just recently reminded of? He seems like... a legend. Or rather: an interesting guy.

Betcha those were some interesting times. With class.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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