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Kindergarden Cop (1990)

Kindergarden Cop (1990)

Here's another movie with Arnold I had yet to see - that I have now seen! Arnold plays a Kindergarten teacher, a somewhat unlikely occupation for someone like him (is that my built-in prejudice speaking?), but still not quite as awesome a contrast as it was in the Christmas movie Jingle All The Way. Nevertheless, it's a movie with entertaining facial expressions, family values, a somewhat predictable but at times also surprisingly/refreshingly different and unexpectedly brutal (considering it at most moments seems to be a family movie) movie. Pamela Reed plays his partner, and Richard Tyson his nemesis. Good actors the both of them... and the rest of them, too! It's a laid-back, humorous, at times spontaneously dramatic and violent flick, with Arnold as much out of character as he can get. Good watch!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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