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Knights Of The Zodiac (2023)

Knights Of The Zodiac (2023)

The credits were beautiful, the first fight choreography was bad-ass, the goddess really is a goddess, and the story's a mythical wonderous and exciting one, but the special effects... they maybe rely a bit too much on those occasionally huh? They look unrealistic. Awesome or no.

Sean Bean and Famke Janssen play a wonderful couple too - and not as vengeful a one as you may have initially assumed. In the end it almost seems like the kindness switches around. All those kids were a bit of a lose end though weren't they... though Mackenyu and Madison Iseman make a great duo too.

Lovely movie - the red-haired knight's awesome too - and the island - but after initiations (which really had me ready to give this a full-on five) it... kinda does let you down a bit. With surplus CGI and... simplicity. And a bit much repetition on the proving-himself and failing point, with the main guy. A few times too many...

Mylock's awesome too. Dacascos hell yeah.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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