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Krrish (2006)

Krrish (2006)

Somewhere in India, out in the wild, there lives a man named Krrish (well actually that's his artist name err... superhero name, but his real name is similar). He starts a boy, and it's soon revealed he's a genius - smart, fast and powerful, not quite like other humans. His mother (apparently grandmother, we later learn) wants to shield him from the world, due to some events of the past that we learn of later, and they move to a little mountain village where he grows up, and one day... a girl falls out of the sky.

It's incredibly corny. That's how it starts. But in the final moments, when it's revealed that his father worked for an evil scientist who built a computer that could see into the future (and tried to destroy it when he foresaw that his boss was going to kill him, but ended up getting preserved by the boss since he was the 'password' to the computer the boss meant to build up again with his old research), when he's flown to Singapore to meet his dream girl who just landed in the mountains on vacation, and she's tried to set him up, but was attacked by real criminals, and went to a circus where he first put on his superhero mask to save a bunch of people after promising his grandma that he wouldn't reveal his true identity (she still believes the father's dead, as do they all) and later hands over that mask to a Japanese man who's performing in public to gather money for an operation for his sister, who is killed by the scientist when he completes the computer and finds out the masked man is going to kill him (not the sister, the Japanese man, suitable named Kristian)... well in those final moments, tears are welling up in my eyes.

The corniness has now seized to be and the movie reaches an emotional peak that the sequel fails to reach. I just realized there's probably some spider-man influence too (the grandma), and definitely some ET in the alien encounter, and looks like a little Tarzan as well considering Krissh lives in the mountains with animals as friends before going to the big city.

I don't mind though, the mesh might not work for everybody but it was a wonderful watch. Not as action-packed as the next one, but with enough, and plenty of comedy, and plenty of dramatical twists and turns. I like the way both of these movies finish where they started too, in more than one way.

Hope they make a fourth, I mean a third! Instead of the second that never was. :)

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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