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Kung Fu Jungle (2014)

Kung Fu Jungle (2014)

Donnie Yen plays Hahou Mo, a martial arts instructor from the police force [who] gets imprisoned after killing a man by accident. He learns of a vicious killer roaming free, targeting masters of the art, so he beats up a bunch of people in prison (good way of introducing his extraordinary fighting capabilities), speaks to a detective and gets temporarily released to help catch the killer.

The plot isn't particularly complex, though a few twists do appear along the cat and mouse chase the killer (Baoqiang Wang, as Fung Yu-Sau) leads him on. The fights are surreal, and the killer manages to challenge a few masters (such as Siu-Wong Fan) before Donnie finally catches up to him and an intense freeway fight ensues.

You know they're probably using wires and maybe occasional special effects/green screen for some scenes, but it never interferes with the fluidity of the fight; I wouldn't be able to tell what's real and what isn't. Like when they're fighting on the bones of a wired dinosaur, they're not actually fighting bare-bone... are they? I'm impressed, but can't help wonder how much is genuine and how much isn't, or if I'd be equally impressed if I'd had a glimpse behind the scenes. Either way it was a great watch, a modern-day Hong Kong martial art movie as it should be! Classy, serious; intense.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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